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Trails and Tails 


TAT 2024

We all know dogs are man's best friend and let me tell you, they just hate missing out on jumping in the car and heading to a new place to sniff and explore with their best friend on the trails. So here it is, we now have a race you can bring them all to in the beautiful Cairncross State Forest near Port Macquarie on the Mid North Coast of NSW.

We all know that events are designed to test out our trail skills and endurance, well this race is for everyone. If you are just starting out in trail running or a ultra runner, this course caters for all levels and skills. You can walk the picturesque course or you can run or even race it. 

This is a 7km course around the beautiful Cairncross State Forest on the doorstep of the Telegraph Point village. The course is filled with lots of hidden secrets for you to find and have fun with. 

This may be your first official trail run with you dog or you may be old pro's at trail racing together. So what do you need to know?


You have options either 21km, 14km, 7km or a short options for the beginners 4km.

The Course (7km) has about 108m of elevation per lap, so it is quiet flat. Your best friends have tons of energy, but it can be a new experience consistently running alongside you in a race endurance format, so pick a race that is suited to your dogs fitness level. Remember it is okay to walk, that way you will get the full experience of what Cairncross State Forest has to offer.

Most important fact that there are going to be lots of dogs out there, and wildlife you will encounter when on the trails, so this is a on the lead event. Which means that they must be on a lead from the time they leave your vehicle.

You will travel through the State Forest and  land of the traditional owners, the Birpai People. 

Run - Solo  
      - with a dog

26th May 2024

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